Water tanker carrying diesel seized, driver arrested

 10 Aug 2014 - 1:45

A potable water tanker that was seized by the Ministry of Environment while transporting diesel on Shamal Road. The vehicle and the driver were handed over to security agencies.

DOHA: The Ministry of Environment (MoE) patrols seized a potable water tanker transporting diesel on Shamal road. 
A patrolling squad handed over the vehicle and the driver to security authorities.
In a separate incident, another patrolling squad of the ministry rounded up a truck driver for not properly covering the materials loaded in his vehicle.
The team also seized the vehicle and handed over to police.
This is the second time the ministry has seized a water tanker carrying diesel from Al Shamal in the recent months. 
Last time, the ministry had seized a water tanker carrying diesel after a patrolling squad found it parked near a petrol station in Al Shamal. The driver, however, escaped.
The government recently ordered to set up a committee to fight the growing diesel black market in Qatar.
The panel has been tasked with putting an effective strategy in place to combat the menace. 
As a first step, the panel is expected to strengthen rules relating to the distribution of diesel and its monitoring and frame new regulations, if necessary.