Ministry intensifies public hygiene awareness drive

 09 Aug 2014 - 1:29


DOHA: The Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning has intensified its awareness campaign for public hygiene launched several months ago.
In March, the ministry, in collaboration with Qatargas, started putting up billboards and signages across the country, as well as advertisements in newspapers, magazines and on social media in various languages to raise awareness about public hygiene. The billboards and advertisements bear slogans such as ‘We all see you’ and ‘You are not alone’.
Rules and regulations, including punishment and fines for public hygiene violators, have been set up to ensure cleanliness in public places, says a local Arabic daily.
Littering tissue or waste or spitting on the streets and public areas entail a fine of QR200 while leaving food waste in front of homes, on the roads or in public areas attract a fine of QR100. 
Other violations of public hygiene and their fines include hanging clothes, carpets or similar items on the balconies, by the roads or in public areas (QR300), leaving felled trees in public areas (QR100), discharging water on the streets (QR300), leaving animal waste in areas not allocated for it (QR400), dumping old materials or equipment on the pavements or in public areas (QR100), throwing waste bags in public areas, on the streets or out of the garbage containers (QR500), leaving food waste in public parks, on beaches, in public areas or any open spaces (QR100), abandoning cars on the streets, sidewalks or in public areas (QR500), not covering construction or other materials that may fall on the roads while being transported (QR600) and washing vehicles in areas not allocated for the purpose (QR100).
Any violator is required to pay the fine within 24 hours and restore the situation at his own expense.