The Torch Doha welcomes US U17 basketball team

 09 Aug 2014 - 1:27


DOHA: The Torch Doha welcomes the US U17 basketball team for the first time in Doha.
Having the championship in Dubai and knowing the fact that Aspire Zone is able to service the highest sporting demands ranging from hosting major sports events to training and pre-competition camps and is the country’s premier and the region’s leading sports academy, the team decided to choose Qatar as their accommodation country where they can have exclusive training as a professional team to prepare for the U17 World Championship in Dubai.
The Torch Doha has the honour to be selected as the privileged hotel for their accommodation, taking in consideration the spectacular structure and the fact that it is in the heart of Aspire Zone Foundation. 
After their first night at the hotel, the team had the chance to use one of the hotel features, the walkway tunnel that connects Villaggio, the biggest mall in Doha, where they had their first shopping experience.
The US U17 basketball team is known for their professionalism, spending time doing training more than twice per day and had a chance to practise along with the Qatari U17 team at Aspire Dome.
Their Coach, Don Showalter, graduated from Lowa City High School and has 40 years’ experience and started with the US U17 basketball team in 2009. 
He met the executive chef of the hotel who offered them their first experience in trying traditional Qatari dishes.
Sherif Sabry, Manager, said, “We are proud to welcome the first US basketball team in Doha and their coach. It being the first team from the US coming to Qatar, we are honoured to introduce our Qatari culture to them. We wish them all the luck in winning the US Basketball Men’s U17 World Championship 2014.”