Ministry studying need to break retail monopoly

August 04, 2014 - 2:23:39 am

DOHA: A study is being conducted by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce of the local retail market on the need to break the monopoly of certain businesses.

This has been disclosed by a report of the State Cabinet, local Arabic daily Al Sharq reports. 

The report, however, did not give further details. The daily also did not cite the date of the report.

There are many goods and services in the country that have a single supplier. Either they have no competitors or have weak business rivals with limited market share. Given this background, the ministerial study assumes huge importance.

The report says that another study on how to expand after-sales services of automobiles in Qatar is also being conducted.

And comprehensive databases are being prepared of local production and requirements of meat, dairy and poultry products.

This will give an idea of how much of meat, poultry and dairy products are produced locally and how much is the consumption.

The databases could come in handy for the local trade and industry as businessmen might study investment opportunities in these sectors.

The report also hints that warehousing facilities may be provided for small and medium  enterprises (SMEs) at low rent to encourage them.

A separate study is being conducted on local warehousing facilities to assess their availability and requirement. And hindrances faced by Qatari exporters in marketing their products overseas are to be removed by the government to help exporters and widen their role in the national economy.