80pc CMC members may not seek re-election

 04 Aug 2014 - 2:22


DOHA: Voters are increasingly disenchanted with Central Municipal Council (CMC) due to its status as a consultative body with no executive powers.
Al Sharq said it made a follow up of several civic constituencies and spoke with a cross-section of voters. Many seem to be unhappy with the representative body as their expectations from members they chose have not been met election after election.
The CMC was first elected in early 1999. It has 29 members representing as many constituencies.
Election is held every four years. It is a male-dominated body and has a lone woman councillor — Sheikha Al Jefairi, who represents the Old Airport area. This is not her first term.
The constituencies have been re-demarcated recently due to a rapid shift in the population as some had less number of voters compared to others.
The next election is due next year. But not many voters are enthusiastic about registering in the voter lists of the new constituencies, the daily said. 
It said voter registration was poor in the elections for the third and fourth terms of the CMC.
“People aren’t happy as their expectations from councillors have not been met since its status remains consultative with no executive powers,” said the daily.
So, some 80 percent of councillors might not be willing to re-contest the coming election as their chances of win would be low due to the newly demarcated constituencies. 
Due to the re-demarcation, many sitting members would lose their loyal constituents, so they might not seek re-election. “We might see many new faces in the CMC after the election for the fifth term next year,” said the daily.
Councillor Mubarak Fraish, from Gharrafa constituency, however, told this newspaper he wondered how Al Sharq concluded  that some 80 percent of members will not seek re-nomination. “Seeking re-election, obviously, depends on the individual member’s choice.”