Adequate ‘mutton to meet demand’

 29 Jul 2014 - 2:09

DOHA: Qatar has adequate mutton supplies to meet demand of the local market during Eid.
Abdur Rahman Sari Al Kaabi from Widam said the company had received a consignment of about 35,000 Australian sheep a few days back to meet the growing demand for mutton.
He said the company is continuously importing Arabian sheep from Syria and Jordan which are available at all outlets of Widam. “We have imported different types of meat from Pakistan and Sudan,” Al Kaabi told Al Sharq.
He said the company exerts all efforts to keep mutton supplies stable in the market during various occasions, including Eid and Ramadan.
It has also planned to diversify meat and livestock sources so that it can import meat from other destinations if there is shortage in a particular country.
According to Al Kaabi, the company is able to fully meet demand for frozen and fresh meat of Australian sheep in local market.
Usually mutton consumption doubles during Ramadan compared with other months. A month or two before Ramadan, importers place large orders for sheep because they know that demand will jump during the holy month and Eid.
During Ramadan, Qatar consumes about one-third of mutton it consumes in a year.
According to the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics data, sheep which arrived at Doha Port in June-July weighed 28,780 tonnes, about 28 percent of the sheep landed in 2013.