Aljazeera documentary captures Shujayea raid

 28 Jul 2014 - 3:17


DOHA: Aljazeera English has broadcast a powerful documentary highlighting the terrifying moments Palestinian civilians flee during an Israeli ground offensive in the densely populated district of Shujayea, Gaza City.
Shujayea: Massacre at Dawn was produced by Aljazeera Arabic, and subtitled for English-speaking audiences. 
It features raw and intense footage of Palestinian civilians fleeing the area after Israel’s intensified ground offensive on July 20.
The documentary includes the now infamous footage of the shooting of a young civilian in a green T-shirt, shot as he tries to collect the dead, and exclusive new footage by local filmmakers and Aljazeera Arabic Correspondent Wael Al Dahdouh and the crew in the Gaza office.
The raw and powerful footage captures the terrifying experience of Palestinian civilians on the ground. As circulated in media, Al Dahdouh broke down in tears during his news report on this offensive. The footage shows what he had witnessed that day.
The disturbing images include numerous families running for their lives, desperately seeking loved ones amid the chaos and rubble, as well as wounded children in hospital.
“My son is gone!” screams a mother as she runs down a street, while moments later the teenager hops into view with a bloodied leg.
He is carried away by another on his back, as is the terrified elderly father of another family, who is picked up and carried by his son amid the tumult. 
Others are not so lucky, with one stretcher-bearer felled by bullets, and killed in front of the camera. 
This is the young man in a green T-shirt, whose images have been circulating on social media.
Giles Trendle, Director of Programmes, Aljazeera English, said: “This is gripping footage of life on the ground for Palestinian civilians under heavy bombardment. 
“It’s also a solemn reminder, if one were needed, about the desperate plight of the Palestinian people and the need to address the root causes of this ongoing conflict.”