Katara, Aspire Zone extend charitable campaign for Gaza

July 26, 2014 - 2:49:58 am
Customer turnout encouraged authorities to extend the campaign for another day yesterday.

DOHA: Katara and Aspire Zone restaurants extended their charitable campaign to support the Palestinian people in Gaza for another day yesterday.

The campaign aimed to donate the income of the restaurants on Thursday and yesterday to the people of Gaza facing Israeli aggression. 

The extension was in response to public demand and the record turnout of customers. 

“The campaign is in accordance with our belief in the Palestinian cause and the crisis people have been facing in Gaza because of brutal Israeli aggression which has caused massive destruction to infrastructure and death of hundreds and injuries to thousands. 

“We will spare no effort to support our brothers in Palestine,” said Katara General Manager, Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti.

He praised the turnout of customers at the restaurants and their response to the campaign that encouraged Katara and Aspire Zone to extend the initiative for another day.

In addition, employees of Katara, Katara Hospitality and Aspire Zone have decided to donate their one day’s salary in solidarity with their brothers in Gaza, reflecting their awareness about difficulties facing the people in Gaza and the importance of supporting them.

Many appreciated the initiative and expressed desire that the campaign was extended.

Mustafa Al Basha, Manager, Khan Farouk restaurant, praised customers’ participation in the initiative. 

“This is the least that we should do for our brothers in Gaza during this difficult time,” he said.

Aspire Zone restaurants have 446 employees of different nationalities and religion who have supported the initiative.

“I thank Katara for giving this opportunity to support our brothers in Gaza at this difficult time. 

“The initiative reflects the importance of solidarity and supporting people in difficult times and what the people in Gaza are facing is not easy to describe in words because of Israeli offensive that is destroying infrastructure and killing human beings,” said Abdul Rahman Al Hurmozi, a Qatari.

“The Palestinians, instead of buying food for their kids, are buying kafal (grave clothes). Therefore, we have to do our best to support them financially and morally,” he added.