Vegetable production drops due to hot weather

July 26, 2014 - 2:40:37 am

DOHA: Vegetable production in Qatar comes down drastically during the summer months when the weather is harsh.

Yet some farms continue to produce and supply limited stocks of popular vegetables like cucumber, tomato and koosa to the local market, including retailers and wholesalers.

Koosa is of the size of cucumber but light green and not eaten as salad like the cucumber but in cooked form. It is one of Qatar’s most popular vegetables and much of its requirement is met through local production.

The farm season begins in September which is just a month away. Land is prepared for cultivation in this month and saplings are bought and sold.

Production of vegetables begins in November and lasts until mid-April. 

And this explains why the outdoor markets, called Mazrooa, that operate during the winter season in several places and run and monitored by the agricultural division of the Ministry of Environment, are open during these months.

“Maximum produce cultivated in Qatar such as vegetables, are not able to fight the high heat and humidity levels,” says the sales and marketing manager of Arab-Qatar Agricultural Production Company.

Ibrahim Deeb Dallool told local Arabic daily Al Watan in remarks published yesterday that these days vegetable stocks produced locally being limited, supplies to the local market are also restricted.

He said his company supplies its top quality produce called ‘A class’ to shopping centres, while the ‘B class’ is supplied to the wholesale market.

“Our farm is in Al Shahaniyah and we have some 200 workers. The weather is affecting local production,” he added.

By the time it is winter, his company will start supplying to the local market in a big way, he said. 

“We are able to meet much of the local demand in the winter season,” he added.