Katara, Aspire to donate day’s income to Gaza

 22 Jul 2014 - 6:53


DOHA: Showing solidarity with the people of Gaza, Katara (The Cultural Village Foundation) and Aspire Zone Restaurants yesterday announced that they will donate a day’s income (24 July) to the people of Gaza.
Joining the noble initiative, the employees of Katara, Katara Hospitality and Aspire Zone announced that they will also donate one day’s salary for the people of Gaza suffering from Israeli aggression.
Dr Khaled bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti (pictured), Director General of Katara, said this noble initiative comes “from our belief in the cause of Palestinians and the miserable situation they are facing due to the Israeli aggression which has created a serious humanitarian crisis’. “We in Katara feel that it is our social responsibility to support the needy people in different parts of the world, which is encouraged by our Arab culture and Islamic religion. 
“We feel that we are committed as Qataris to humanitarian support to the people and this is the minimum we can do for them in such a situation. I call upon the people of Katara to take part in this campaign by which we can at least restore smile on the faces of children and help the people of Gaza to rebuild their destroyed lives. We are trying to be a bridge between different cultures and nations and we are taking part in this charitable initiative to support needy people when they face difficult situation”. 
Khaled Al Sulaiteen, Director General of Aspire Zone, said all Aspire zone restaurant employees are keen to take part in this charitable initiative. “Whether it is commercial or profitable activities, it cannot be free of humanitarian, social and moral commitments. Therefore we are taking part in the efforts of different Qatari entities to support people of Gaza,” he said.
The owners and workers of the restaurants said that it is their duty to support the Palestinians who are facing Israeli aggression. They urged their customers to take part in this initiative on Thursday. Katara in its Twitter handle urged their customers by a tweet that says “Help us Release Gaza. Raise money in support of Gaza Strip by dining in Katara and Aspire Zone restaurants on this Thursday 24th July”.
Katara and Aspire Zone, which has 446 employees from different nationalities and religions, have a number of international brands of restaurants such as Zafran Indian Restaurant, Khan Farukh Egyption Restarant and others.
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