Ooredoo hosts top Islamic scholar for Ramadan talk

 21 Jul 2014 - 5:04


Doha: Ooredoo hosted a Ramadan lecture for its employees by globally recognised Islamic scholar Dr Yasir Qadhi (pictured). 
The lecture at Ooredoo’s HQ1 building in West Bay aimed to enable staff to understand the spirit of the holy month.
It was delivered in English, with key messages translated to Arabic.
Fatima Sultan Al Kuwari, Director, Public Relations and Communications, Ooredoo, said: “Having someone inspirational like Dr Qadhi was important to our holy month programme. 
“We wanted to educate and remind our employees of the teachings of Islam and the meaning of the holy month, and to celebrate the spirit of this time.” 
Dr Qadhi is one of the few noted Islamic lecturers to combine a traditional seminary training with Western education, and has been praised for uplifting and spiritual messages in his talks. 
He studied at Islamic University of Madinah in Saudi Arabia, and completed PhD in Islamic studies at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, the US. He is an instructor at Al Maghrib Institute and Al Kauthar Institute where he teaches theology, Seerah, Tajweed, and other topics.
Dr Qadhi appears on Islamic satellite TV channels, including Peace TV worldwide, Islam Channel in England, Al Huda Channel in Saudi Arabia and Al Fajr Channels in Egypt.The Peninsula