Qapco reaches out to people

 14 Jul 2014 - 6:15

Officials with some of the participants at one of the events.

Doha: Qatar Petrochemical Company (Qapco) Q.S.C. held annual Garangao festivities at its headquarters in Doha and Qapco Club in Mesaieed. 
Over 2,000 children of Qapco employees, guests and community members participated in the celebrations.
Dr Mohammed Yousef Al Mulla, Vice-Chairman and CEO, Qapco, said, “We believe in the importance of celebrating the spirit of the holy month and perpetuating Qatari culture and traditions.
“We do so in particular during Ramadan by engaging with our employees and their families and reaching out to our community. We are delighted to share our rich Qatari heritage through celebrations such as Garangao.”
Diversity is one of Qapco’s strengths as the company counts employees from 43 countries. To strengthen community relations and reinforce cohesion between employees, throughout the year Qapco organises family-oriented activities to promote local customs and traditions. 
To celebrate Garangao, Qapco organized a fun-filled evening dedicated to gift-giving, where families enjoyed local dances, stories on the roots of Garangao and traditional food.
Qapco re-created the atmosphere of Garangao, with children wearing traditional clothing, their bags full of treats and sweets, and singing traditional songs.
Garangao is celebrated on the 14th night of Ramadan, mainly in Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain and is much anticipated every year by children.
On this night, after the Maghreb prayers, children in traditional clothing go knocking doors in neighbourhoods to collect sweets and nuts. 
They use special bags hanging loosely from the neck while singing the Garangao song. 
The origin of the word ‘Garangao’ or ‘Gargee’aan’ comes from the Gulf word ‘Gara’ which is the sound of things knocking together.
Dr Al Mulla said, “Garangao is about celebrating and preserving our heritage and sharing values associated with Ramadan with younger generations. 
“We are glad the evening was a success and that so many families participated.”
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