QF’s Garangao Night attracts thousands

 13 Jul 2014 - 5:54

Children participating in a tug-of-war at Al Shaqab in Education City.

Doha: Thousands of children and their families gathered at Al Shaqab in Education City on Thursday evening to enjoy Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) Garangao night to mark the completion of the first half of Ramadan on the 14th night. 
The popular evening saw thousands participate in pony rides, face painting, arts and crafts, and henna art along with other activities and games.
They also received Garangao gifts and sweets and complimentary books. 
To foster understanding of Qatar’s heritage among its youngest population, Qatar National Library (QNL), member of QF, organised a muppet show to tell traditional stories. 
On the successful community-based event, Fahad Al Qahtani, Group Executive Director, Administration, QF,  said: “We celebrated Garangao to showcase the culture and heritage of this country in a modern way.”
He said the Garangao evening saw participation from a large number of Qatari and expat families. “This is an event that brings the community together, and allows us to share our traditions and culture with our expat community members as well.
“At Al Shaqab, we have a diverse community who shares a common passion and love for horses and for building champions of the future and, through an event like this, we can convey this passion not just to members of QF’s community but to everyone in Qatar.” 
“One of the most notable aspects of the event is that it is a collaboration among QF entities. By hosting the event, Al Shaqab is supporting QF’s vision of community development and preserve and raise awareness about Qatar’s heritage and identity among future generations.”
QNL’s Associate Director for Administration and Planning,  Saadi A Al Said, said: “We aimed, through participating in the Garangao night, to highlight Qatar’s heritage and encourage the young generation to preserve traditions, as this is one of the most important priority of QNL and aligns with its vision of bridging Qatar’s heritage and future.” The Peninsula