Windy, hot and dusty weather likely today

 11 Jul 2014 - 6:08


DOHA: The weather is expected to be windy, hot and slightly dusty today, with visibility forecast to be low, between four and eight km at places to three km at times.
Strong northwesterly wind at speeds ranging from 10 to 22 knots would turn the seas choppy.
Wind speed is likely to slow down to between three and 10 km by the evening. In the seas, there could be slight dust and clouds at times.
Places like Mesaieed and Al Wakra would likely witness huge variations between day and night temperatures as the maximum temperature forecast is 47 degrees Celsius and the minimum 28. Al Ruwais would witness the least variation in day and night temperatures: The maximum being 40 degrees and the minimum 34.
In Doha, day temperatures would soar to 45 degrees, while the mercury level at night would be 36.
Dukhan and Abu Samra will be cooler, with the maximum temperature being 38 degrees and the minimum 29.