Woqod to start mobile fuel station in Al Shamal soon

July 09, 2014 - 12:51:08 am

DOHA: Responding to reports of fuel shortage in Al Shamal, Qatar Fuel (Woqod) yesterday assured its clients that the situation would be for a short period.

A local Arabic daily reported on Sunday that there was shortage of petrol and diesel following the closure of the sole fuel station for maintenance.

In a statement, Woqod said, “Current procedures are temporary and for a very short period of time, which should not exceed a few days; and the company had reverted to such procedures in light of the urgent need to close the station for maintenance work required for public safety and for better conservation of the local environment from any potential contamination or pollution hazards.”

A mobile station, which includes all essential services needed by clients, is expected to open in a few days, it said. 

Tankers shall be made available immediately for Premium petrol (Super), while umbrellas will be installed to protect drivers from the sun, it added.

“Woqod is studying the actual need for the availability of tankers in the area, and if it turns out there is a need for an extended availability for more than 12 hours, Woqod shall not hesitate in providing so; and in that case, terms for tankers’ availability shall be extended for additional hours, especially to avoid any jamming.”

With regard to the safety of the procedures, Woqod assured “that there are no dangers associated with these supply measures [through tankers] because tankers are equipped with the required equipment to ensure safety, security and deal with gas emissions. Thus there is no danger in such procedures that are adopted at many different project sites in Qatar, where tankers are used for supplies.”

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