Qapco supports secondary school graduation ceremony

 09 Jul 2014 - 0:00

Dr Mohammed Yousef Al Mulla, Vice-Chairman & CEO, Qapco, and Mohammed Abdullah Al Maraghi, Principal, with one of the students at the ceremony.

Doha: Qatar Petrochemical Company (Qapco) QSC supported again the graduation ceremony of Omar Bin Al Khattab Secondary School for Boys on July 6.
The event at Qatar National Convention Center honoured the 14th batch of graduates, marking the successful culmination of their preparatory studies. Over 150 graduates were honoured for outstanding academic achievements, hard work and dedication. 
Families, guests, well-wishers, teachers, school officials and QAPCO managers were present. 
Dr Mohammed Yousef Al Mulla, Vice-Chairman & CEO,  Qapco, said supporting the graduation ceremony of the school is part of the company’s commitment to contribute to Qatari society. 
“As a responsible corporate citizen and in line with our commitment to Qatar National Vision 2030, it is our role to invest in the future of our country, by supporting our youth. Human capital is one of the most precious assets of Qatar and we believe that these young and talented graduates from the school hold enormous potential. We are committed to accompanying them through stages of their education and professional path. Moving towards a knowledge-based society, it is crucial to ensure that younger generations are equipped with skills and latest scientific knowledge to contribute to building future success of our country.” 
Relations between Qapco and the school span over many years. The company sponsored the ceremony again as a tribute to high-level education and excellence it provides.
Dr Al Mulla acknowledged the role the school has been playing in the development of the educational sector since its inception. 
Mohammed Abdullah Al Maraghi, Principal,  thanked Qapco for continuous support.
He said, “It is our responsibility to empower students with the spirit of creativity and initiative. We have always been keen to offer the highest level of education and support to our students, developing their skills and capabilities, reinforcing all positive aspects of learning and development, focusing on continuous improvement, keeping ourselves updated with latest educational techniques and methods, encouraging our students to reach higher and seek further knowledge. 
“We encourage them to keep a high level of dedication and excellence to ensure their future professional success, as they hold the future of Qatar in their hands.” 
Dr Al Mulla congratulated students for commitment and urged them to pursue excellence to achieve success in their studies and careers ahead.
Qapco reaches out to Qatari youth through initiatives to support their educational journey and shape the talent of the future. 
To support its growth ambitions, and in line with its Quality Qatarisation policy, Qapco always aims to recruit talented and motivated students by offering them stimulating careers in various disciplines.
It expressed commitment to provide scholarships to the most talented students and support to help them continue studies in universities in Qatar and abroad.
“Through innovative initiatives, we strive to attract talented Qatari students to join the company by offering them inspiring scholarships and rewarding careers, supporting their development and helping them succeed professionally,” Dr Al Mulla said. 
“Generating interest among the youth in the energy and industry sector and affiliated disciplines such as engineering and chemistry, for instance, is our goal. 
“We sponsor top students and offer them scholarships to pursue studies and join the company after graduation.”
Since its inception in 1974, national leadership is one of the driving forces of Qapco and gives it its unique cultural identity.
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