Fake zamzam bottles seized

 04 Jul 2014 - 4:43


DOHA: Municipal inspectors have confiscated huge quantities of contaminated bottled water from a shop in Gharafa.
The water with dubious origin was sold as holy zamzam imported from Saudi Arabia. A label in Arabic on the bottles read “Zamzam Maqri” claiming healing powers for the water. The word ‘Maqri’ implies that water was prepared with rendition of holy verses. The shop had no permission to sell this water in the local market, a local daily reported yesterday.
The fraud was detected by inspectors from Al Rayyan Municipality during a surprise raid. During interrogation, the shop manager claimed that the water was imported from Saudi Arabia and showed some invoices issued by a commercial facility in the kingdom carrying the name ‘Ataratul Faiz’.
The inspectors seized the entire stock of the water and sent samples for tests at the Central Laboratory of the Supreme Council of Health. They showed that the water was not fit for human consumption, said the daily. The water was contaminated with Coliform bacteria and high level of acidity and the bottle lids were not properly sealed.
Authorities ordered an immediate recall of the product and initiated legal action against the shop for offering an illegal product for sale that tried to exploit consumers’ religious sentiments.
The Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning has urged the public to be cautious about such products and report to it if they come across any suspected items. 

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