Polygamy ‘could help resolve social problems’

 04 Jul 2014 - 4:39


DOHA: It has been suggested during a recent Ramadan tent debate that Qatari men should be encouraged to take more than one wife to help reduce the number of unmarried women in their midst.
Late marriage of Qatari women and some young women not getting married is a worsening social problem in the community, a Qatari man said, taking part in the discussion yesterday.
Local Arabic daily Al Raya quoted Ahmed Hassan Al Malki as saying Qatari men should be encouraged by the government to marry more than once. He said it will have twin benefits — the problem of many women not finding suitable grooms and remaining unmarried would be solved, and Qatari population would increase.  The government should encourage polygamy by holding seminars and campaigns to raise awareness, he said. The debate was organised in his majlis.
Al Malki said Qatari working women with children should not be made to work eight hours a day and should be allowed time to raise their children. It is not advisable to leave children at the mercy of housemaids, he said. “There is no substitute to mother’s love, so her supervision is necessary.”
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