Free buttermilk flows through taps, thanks to Qatari household

 03 Jul 2014 - 0:46


DOHA: For a number of years people of different nationalities have been collecting buttermilk in large quantities free from the house of a rich Qatari near the Ramada traffic lights.
Especially during Ramadan, people descend in larger numbers on the parking lot outside the Qatari’s home to take buttermilk stored in a huge tank. It flows through taps.
Everyday there  are long queues of people vying for a fill of buttermilk, many, carrying jerry cans and big empty bottles, particularly in the morning hours.
People usually begin crowding the place by 7am when the tank is filled, with buttermilk stock lasting mostly until 9am.
“If you go there after 9am, chances are you might not get enough buttermilk,” an Indian who has been frequenting the place told this newspaper.
He said he visited the place usually once a week and carried two large bottles to get his fill. “Many people go there with big jerry cans. There is no restriction on how much one can carry.”
The tank was in the back of the house earlier. It has now been shifted to the front, he said. 
“The buttermilk tastes fine with curry leaves and salt. I have become quite used to it.”
There are people who come there regularly in cars from far-off places, he said. 
“I began visiting the place some three years ago after a friend took me there for the first time.”
In Ramadan, the Qatari family also distributes food in the evening, he added.
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