‘Corporates not aiding charities’

July 01, 2014 - 6:03:13 am

DOHA: Charitable organisations in the country say that individuals and families in debt not being able to rid themselves of the burden is a major social problem.

They, however, complain that they lack resources to help the distressed families as corporates are not lending a helping hand in their charitable work.

There is an Emiri decree which asks corporates to allocate a small percentage of their profits to be given as donation for activities like research and development, sports and charity.

But while other sectors might be getting the financial support they have been promised, the charities are not being given even a penny. Estimates suggest that the above sectors should be receiving in aid about QR5bn from corporate profits annually, said Dr Yusuf Al Evazi, from Eid Charity.

“But the charitable organisations aren’t getting any money at all. They should actually be, as there is an Emiri decree asking corporates to pledge parts of their profits to them,” he added.

If the charities get such large financial support their work would become easier. 

Take the example of debt-ridden families. The charities help 90 percent of Qatari families and the remaining expatriates on merit, said Al Evazi.

Indeed, the distressed families are being helped but not to the extent required because the charities lack financial resources.

“We have raised this issue at appropriate levels but in vain. There has been no worthwhile response,” said Al Evazi.

Officials from charitable organisations attended a Ramadan tent held by Al Sharq recently. The issue of why local charities were focusing more attention overseas than in Qatar came up for a debate.

The charities denied they were more active abroad and some of them gave detailed account of their local welfare work.

The charities represented at the tent included Qatar Charity, Eid Charity and RAF, among others.

About challenges their organisations faced, Mohamed bin Ali Al Ghamdi, CEO of Qatar Charity, said Qatari employees don’t last long with them due to low salaries.

“Also, we need to train our staff and help them catch up with advancements taking place in our realm worldwide,” he said.

To a question about helping poor families, Ali Al Baker from Qatar Red Crescent said there were hardly any poor family in the Qatari community in the real sense of the term. “Some families face financial woes due to mismanagement of funds,” he said.