Road safety drives cut accidents down by 45pc

 27 Jun 2014 - 5:42

Brigadier Mohammed Saad Al Kharji (left), Director of Traffic Department, and Ghanim Al Kuwari, Chief Operating Officer — Administration, Qatargas, at the press conference held at the  Qatargas headquarters yesterday.

DOHA: There had been a significant decline in the number of road accidents during Ramadan since the Ministry of Interior and Qatargas launched the annual Ramadan Road Safety Campaign several years ago.
Road accidents have gone down by 45 percent with the launch of the campaign, Brigadier Mohammed Saad Al Kharji, Director of Traffic Department, said yesterday.
He was responding to a query at a press conference at the Qatargas headquarters yesterday to announce the launch of the eighth year of the road safety campaign.
“Road safety is our joint responsibility and it is only through joint, coordinated efforts by the government authorities, the corporate sector and the general public that we will be able to effectively raise public awareness regarding road safety and safe driving,” said Brig Al Kharji.
The slogan for this year’s campaign is ‘Precious moments…don’t waste them through reckless behaviour — Drive safely’. The fatal consequences of reckless driving and how it impacts the lives of family members and loved ones forms the core theme of the campaign.
“Our safety and the safety of those around us depend on the decisions that we make. It takes only a second for a serious accident to happen and most accidents can be avoided by simply making the right decisions and following the rules. The simple decisions that people make while driving, like wearing seat belts, using mobile phones, speeding, buckling in children properly etc. can mean the difference between life and death,” he added.
Ghanim Al Kuwari, Chief Operating Officer—Administration, Qatargas said: “Promoting road safety awareness is a key element of Qatargas’ Corporate Social Responsibility Program. We are proud to continue our partnership with the Traffic Department for the eighth consecutive year in the Ramadan Road Safety Campaign. As a socially responsible company, we see this as an excellent opportunity to support the efforts of the Traffic Department in spreading the message of road safety in our community.”
As part of the campaign, Qatargas will launch a road safety TV commercial titled ‘Precious moments – don’t waste them — drive safely’ to be aired on Rayyan TV throughout the month of Ramadan and in cinemas during the Eid holidays. The TV commercial focuses on the painful effects of fatal accidents on loved ones.
Iftar packs will be distributed to motorists on key roads and traffic intersections in Doha and surrounding areas every day during Ramadan. In addition to dates and water, the packs will also contain a booklet, car sticker, and other informative material on safe driving.
In the middle of Ramadan, a ‘Garangao’ festival will be held for families and kids, during which safe driving messages will be highlighted through various performances, games and quizzes. Goodies and gifts will be distributed to children.
Road safety booths will be set up at major shopping malls such as Hyatt Plaza, Landmark, Villaggio, and The Mall on each weekend during Ramadan to communicate directly with the public through live shows, videos, games and pop quizzes related to road safety for the audience in addition to activities for children.
During the final week of the campaign, infant car seats will be distributed to parents of newborn babies at Hamad Hospital. Gifts will also be distributed to children who have been hospitalised as a result of traffic accidents and other patients at Hamad Hospital.
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