CRA eyes balanced approach to regulations

June 26, 2014 - 12:00:00 am

Doha: Qatar’s newly established independent communications regulator, Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA), yesterday released a policy statement setting out key principles that would underpin its approach to regulation of the communications sector. 

The statement is intended to provide transparency and certainty to stakeholders with regard to the focus of regulation while ensuring that the sector thrives and meets the needs of the people.

Through targeted, and justified regulatory intervention, CRA is placing a bigger emphasis on wholesale (dealings between operators) regulation to unlock major inhibitors to network facilities and service competition. Access to key network infrastructure elements on equal terms by all players in the market will help ensure that the people have access to a broad range of innovative, reasonably priced communications services as demand continues to increase at a fast pace. 

CRA expects to gradually reduce the reliance on retail regulation to achieve the desired results for consumers. However, crucial aspects related to consumer protection will still be retained. 

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