Traders caught manipulating fish prices

 25 Jun 2014 - 6:23


DOHA: Inspectors from the state consumers’ right watchdog have caught two auctioneering companies at the central fish market for allegedly manipulating fish prices.
The Licensing and Market Monitoring section of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce has cancelled the licences of three officials from these companies after they were found violating rules.
It was discovered that these officials were deliberately raising the prices of fish during the auctions. Their licences have been revoked and they have been barred from entering the fish market, a ministry release said yesterday.
According to the release, the Licensing and Market Monitoring section of the ministry has set plans in place to regulate the coordination among the various organs of the fish market, including the wholesalers, retailers and fish suppliers.
Employees of all the above companies, including fish suppliers, will be issued identity cards by the ministry. The employees are also being encouraged to remain in close touch with the ministry to ensure smooth functioning of the market.