HMC Radiology dept showcases quality audits

 22 Jun 2014 - 6:13

Dr Ahmed Omar (center) receives a certificate of appreciation from Dr Walid Mabrouk Mubarak (right) as Dr Jehan Al Rayahi looks on.

DOHA: Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Radiology Department showcased 39 staff-led quality improvement audits during the first Annual Radiology Quality Day, organised recently by medical residents and in collaboration with the Medical Education Department leadership team.
The audits followed an initiative launched during the department’s accreditation process for the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education International LLC (ACGME-I), which it achieved in December 2013.
“By teaching our residents the key principles of quality improvement, patient safety, and systems innovation in our training programs, we help to develop a culture of safety and quality that our young doctors will carry with them throughout their career,” said Dr Abdullatif Al Khal, who HMC’s Deputy Chief of Medical, Academic and Research Affairs – Medical Education. “This helps to prepare our physicians to be stewards of safe, high quality and high value, patient centered care.”
The event, sponsored by the Medical Education Department provided an opportunity to recognize how staff can lead quality improvement efforts.
“One of the requirements of accreditation by the ACGME-I is the promotion of scholarly activities, which includes the core components of discovery, application, integration and teaching,” said Dr Jehan Al Rayahi, Head of the Organizing Committee for Radiology Quality Day.” An audit is where the residents review our processes and compare them to international standards. They then make evidence-based recommendations on what we can improve upon. The vision of our Program Director, Dr. Ahmed Omar, was to incorporate quality improvement in these activities by requiring residents to have an audit project.”
The initiative received a positive response from staff, resulting in a large number of audits being submitted.
Among the 39 audits showcased, the top 13 were through oral presentations and the rest through posters. The posters served as a learning opportunity for radiology staff across different disciplines and a starting point for designing improvement plans.
The programme also included a presentation on transforming radiology services by Dr. Charles Pain, HMC Executive Director of Health Systems Improvement and Dr. Reham Eldin, HMC Healthcare Improvement Programme Manager.
Dr  Ahmed Omar, Programme Director and HMC’s Radiology Department Chairman, who is also Radiology Quality Day Chairperson, discussed the role of quality in HMC’s journey of transformation toward an Academic Health System.  
“In the Radiology Department, we believe the best place to start is during the initial training of our young doctors. We have achieved ACGME-I accreditation which puts our standards for medical education on par with many of the prestigious organizations in the US that provide training and education for doctors,” said Dr. Omar. “We have started this quality improvement initiative as part of the ACGME-I requirements and in recognition of our responsibility to ensure that we continue to improve the care of our patients through a quality framework.”
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