Qatar rejects naming Israeli for UN post

June 22, 2014 - 6:12:25 am


New York: Qatar, on behalf of the Arab states to the United Nations, expressed rejection of nominating Israel for vice-chair of the Fourth Special Political and Decolonisation Committee by the Group of Western European and other states.

Qatar, which chairs the Arab Group for this month, made the request to vote on the nomination of Israel, in order to express its categorical rejection of Israel’s candidacy. The Israeli candidate received 74 votes out of 193 as 34 delegation were absent at an election by secret ballot.

Speaking before the vote on behalf of the Arab group which she chairs, Sheikha Alia Ahmed bint Saif Al Thani, the Permanent Representative of Qatar to the United Nations, expressed the group’s rejection of Israel’s candidacy, describing the country as a state that violates the UN Charter and international law.  

She stressed categorical rejection over Israel’s nomination as Vice-Chair. “Because its track record is rife with murder and its occupation has lasted  more than 66 years, Israel was not qualified to preside over questions pertaining to Palestinian refugees, peacekeeping and the investigation of its own illegal practices,” Sheikha Al Thani said. QNA