Monthly salary averaged QR9,667 in 2013: Ministry

June 20, 2014 - 2:28:25 am

DOHA: Monthly average salary in Qatar was QR9,667 ($2,654.6) in 2013, with the average for men being QR10,075 compared to that for women (QR8,510).

Official figures for the year show that slightly more than 1.53 million (1,531,529) people were in paid employment. Of them, 192,584 were women.  

Those in public administration, defence and social security got the highest pay package (QR24,258).

The lowest monthly wages were drawn by household employees (average QR2,548) followed by construction workers (QR4,811).

Education sector employees received QR19,708 and their counterparts in the fields of public health and social work were paid QR17,628.

The figures have been released by the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics. Covered in the monthly average wage table are workers above 15.

Oil and gas sector employees were paid an average of QR21,965 a month, the second highest after public administration and defence staff.

Finance and insurance industry staff trailed with an average of QR20,597. 

People employed in the transport and communications sector were paid QR20,062 on average.

The highest-paid women were in the energy sector, with their average monthly package being QR23,787. Men in the sector drew QR21,789.

Women engaged in the domestic sector were the lowest-paid, their average salary being QR2,589.

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