Dealers gear up to offer Ramadan items

 20 Jun 2014 - 2:24


DOHA: From June 16, wholesalers have started supplying price control items for Ramadan to retailers on discounted rates.
Retailers are gearing up to sell these items to consumers from Sunday until the end of the fasting month that begins by June-end.  
Wholesalers and retailers have been issued a list of 400 food and non-food items, for which the government announced price controls on June 11.
Last Ramadan, the list contained 320 items and 275 in 2012. This year’s list also includes fresh chicken brands of Al Yaum and Waha.
A one-kg pack of Al Yaum is priced at QR19.50, for example.
More brands of rice, wheat flour, cooking oil, frozen chicken, fresh milk and butter milk and yoghurt, among other things, figure on this year’s list.
Also included are more canned and bottled juices, cheese, butter, oats, macaroni, tissue papers, wrappers and detergents.
A cursory look at the list reveals that prices of certain items are up a bit compared to previous Ramadan.
For instance, a 10-kg pack of Tilda basmati rice that was priced at QR127 last year is to be sold for QR129 this Ramadan.
A five-kg bag of Punjab Garden basmati rice is priced at QR37. Wheat flour prices appear to be unchanged (QR16 for five kg of QFM flour numbers 1 and 2) from last Ramadan. The five-kg pack of QFM flour number 3 is priced at QR19.
All two-kg packs of fresh milk and laban are priced at QR10 each compared to their normal rates of QR12, while Al Ghadeer’s 200ml milk and laban bottles will be sold for QR1 each.
A 1.8-litre bottle of Afia sunflower oil is priced at QR18.25, while Afia corn oil (1.8-litre) will be sold for QR20.25. Mazola corn oil will cost QR19.50.
More than 50 brands of dairy products, including fresh and long-life milk, yoghurt, laban (full and low-fat as well as skimmed) are included in the list, along with popular brands such as Al Marai, Nada, Al Ghadeer, Nadec, Lacnor, Al Rawabi and Al Safi as well as powder and condensed milk brands of Anchor and Rainbow.
At least 20 brands of cheese and all types of fresh and long-life juices appear on the list along with pasta and macroni brands.
Three types of Sadia frozen chicken figure in the list and their rates per kg are QR13.50 to QR16.25. Wataniya, Doux, Seara and Islamic frozen chicken brands are also part of the price control items.
Qatari eggs are to be sold for QR13.50 per tray of 30. Americana minced mutton and beef, as well as chicken burgers and Sadia beef and chicken burgers are also included in the list.
Two brands of sugar (Bludan and Al Osra) also appear on the list.
Tomato ketchup, tea bags, jam brands, caramel, jelly and custard powder, cooking and other cream are also a part of the Ramadan price control package.
Canned fish, corn flakes, olives, mushrooms, bottled water also figure on the list.
Among the non-food items included are soap, including liquid soap, garbage bags, facial and general-use tissue, and aluminium foil.
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