Mercury likely to hit 49 degrees

June 12, 2014 - 4:20:31 am

DOHA: A heat wave was expected to hit the country since last night that could probably take the temperature to one of the highest levels recorded in June over the past five decades.

Mercury could reach as high as 49 degrees Celsius at noon in the coming days, the Meteorology Department said yesterday, urging caution against direct exposure to the sun. The heat wave is expected to continue over the next four days.

This is the second time in the past 52 years Doha would experience such hot weather in June, the first being in 2010, when the temperature touched 49 degrees, said the department.

Over the next four days, peak time temperature could reach 45 to 49 degrees across the country and it is expected to be in the 30s during the evening. “The increase in temperature is considered normal during this time of summer and is due to the deepening of the low pressure associated with Indian monsoon over the Gulf coast,” said a statement.

A senior official said the expected highest temperature of 49 degrees could be experienced anytime over the next four days. “We cannot say when it would happen. Doha had seen a similar rise in temperature in June, 2010. If the temperature crosses 49 degrees, it can be considered unusual,” he said.

Temperature is expected to fall after the current heat wave but the weather would be dusty in the following days.

Extension of the low pressure would lead to strong northwesterly winds over the Gulf coast. This weather condition is locally known as ‘Bawarh’. Strong dust winds are expected inshore and offshore, causing high seas. This would also lead to a decrease in horizontal visibility, especially in the open areas and highways. 

The department has called on the public to take necessary precautions.

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