Govt urged to act against real estate middlemen

 09 Jun 2014 - 4:08


DOHA: Real estate brokerages in the country have urged the government to act against middlemen illegally operating as brokers for residential properties.
The brokerages have lodged a written complaint with the Ministry of Justice that boasts a real estate registration department, against the middlemen.
According to the complaint, licensed brokerages are suffering due to fierce competition from the shady middlemen.
“They are thousands of them and they have been multiplying. Some of them work on a freelance basis while others are full time into real estate brokerage business in breach of the law,” says the complaint.
The complaint, however, doesn’t specify their nationality, but sources in the real estate sector say all of them are expatriates.
These middlemen, operating illegally as they are, have no offices or staff, and are taking customers for a ride. They have no overhead costs, and yet they are making huge profits, according to the complaint.
According to Salem Al Dosri, a licensed brokerage operator, an idea of how these middlemen have been thriving can be had from the number of ads they give in local newspapers offering housing units on rent. Monthly overhead costs of a licensed brokerage can go up to tens of thousands of riyals as office rent comes to something like QR25,000.
“But look at these middlemen, they pay nothing and yet make huge profits. They can’t even serve their clientele.”
Another owner of real estate brokerage, Ahmed Al Kubaisi, said the Ministry of Justice and Qatar Chamber should act against these middlemen. The Peninsula