Two Doha students selected to Vienna Boys Choir

 08 Jun 2014 - 4:08

Emmet Pyne (left) and Tarun Thomas

Doha: Two young schoolboys from Qatar have been chosen to join the prestigious Vienna Boys Choir after auditioning for the highly sought-after places.
Emmet Pyne, a 10-year-old Irish boy, from Park House English School in Doha and-11-year-old Tarun Thomas, originally from Kerala in India, who attends Birla Public school, both currently perform as soloists for the Doha Children’s Choir. 
Since arriving in Doha three years ago, Emmet has studied piano and cello at the highly regarded Qatar Music Academy (QMA) and Tarun, also a fine musician who plays guitar, has studied at Qatar’s IAID for many years developing a passion for singing and performing.
The boys have been singing together ever since  the Doha Children’s Choir’s inaugural performance. 
Alena Pyne, founder of the Doha Children’s Choir, said: “Emmet’s brother Evan was the first Irish boy to join the Vienna Boys Choir two years ago, also joining from Doha where he successfully auditioned. 
“Emmet and Tarun will join this great establishment in June this year and in September will embark on their first choir tour as young choral ambassadors, starting in China, then to Malaysia and Korea finishing in Germany and Switzerland before they return to Vienna to knuckle down to their academic studies for the rest of the year.”
Once they arrive in Vienna, the boys will continue to prepare for and perform many concerts.  Media work will be an integral part of the experience and every year they will participate in numerous live TV programmes, press briefings and conferences, audio recordings and film and film work.
Dr Al Heeti, Principal of Qatar Music Academy, said: “We are thrilled that Qatar is getting recognition as a growing centre for the development of musical excellence. Emmet is a very talented young man who should be proud of their achievement. We wish them both the best and look forward to seeing them return to Doha to perform with the Choir.”
A K Srivastava, Principal of Birla Public School, said: “It is indeed a great achievement to be selected to join Vienna Boys Choir! Tarun has a very bright future ahead and I am sure he will make the best of what is available to him in Vienna.  We at Birla Public School wish him every success”
Gerald Wirth, President and Artistic Director from the Vienna Boys Choir said: “We are very happy to have two more boys from Qatar. Both Emmet and Tarun come with an excellent musical background; and we hope they will thrive here.”
Doha Children’s Choir is an audition choir for mixed voices that was started in 2013 and operates on a voluntary basis.
The 500-year-old choir comprises 100 choristers aged 10-14 and has worked with great musicians such as Mozart and Schubert. The boys are selected mainly from Austria, but also from many other countries.
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