Cars to be seized for overtaking from right

June 08, 2014 - 3:38:01 am

DOHA: The Traffic Department has warned of stern action against motorists overtaking from right side as well as those parking in slots dedicated for the disabled.

Vehicles getting involved in these two common violations repeatedly will face confiscation for a period of one month or more, besides the fines stipulated by the law, the Department said yesterday.

Brigadier Abdullah bin Nasser Al Thani, Assistant Director of the Traffic Department, said the patrolling team has intensified inspections all over the country to control these and other most common traffic violations. 

The department has also decided to launch a public awareness campaign focusing on such issues that will go parallel with the inspection drive. 

He said parking at slots reserved for people with special needs and wrong overtaking from right side in roundabouts and intersections are among the most common violations of the traffic law. Both these violations involve preventing others’ rights been clearly mentioned in the traffic law, he added.

“Taking into account the rigorous consequences of these two violations, the Traffic Department will take strict actions and vehicles (involving in these violations) will be confiscated for one month or more, if repeated, along with imposing the fine mentioned in the law,” said the official.

Radars have been installed in many of the roads in the country that are capable to easily detect vehicles overtaking wrongly from right side. This is a common practice that contributes a lot to traffic jams in many areas, said the department. 

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