3 illegally partitioned villas vacated in Doha

June 06, 2014 - 4:51:18 am

DOHA: Action against illegally partitioned villas in the city has begun, with inspectors from Doha Municipality cracking down on three and evicting the occupants.

The villas were violating Law No. 4 of 1985 that regulates buildings and prohibits any kind of expansion or partitioning without permission from the municipality of the area.

The villas were singled out by inspectors during a crackdown.

The ongoing campaign aims at not only catching illegally partitioned villas in the city but also labour camps existing in residential areas in violation of another law. 

The focus is also on singling out breach of rules in buildings relating to hygiene and commercial outlets.

Some 15 cases of violations have been referred to police while warnings have been issued in 19. 

At least seven buildings have been vacated as they were housing illegal labour camps. Some 13 cases have been detected where corrective steps have not been taken despite warnings.

Teams have discovered that many expats were running businesses from buildings without permission. Officials from the Inspection Department and other civic units are taking part in the crackdown.The Peninsula