Expat sentenced to life for killing friend in cold blood

 06 Jun 2014 - 4:49


DOHA: A criminal court has sentenced an Asian expat to life after he was found guilty of killing a fellow Asian and friend in cold blood.
The victim lost his life because he had refused to give a loan to him. 
And, tragic as it was, he was done to death barely a day before he was to travel home to be with his near and dear ones.
It so happened that the convict visited the deceased in his flat on the night of the incident. The victim was alone and busy in the kitchen, cooking. The convict entered the kitchen and the duo began talking.
The visitor asked for a loan and said he would repay it after the victim returned from vacation. 
The deceased refused to part with money, saying he suspected if the convict would repay the loan since he was doing nothing to eke out a living and was just sitting idle.
This perhaps enraged the convict and a heated exchange ensued, local Arabic daily Al Watan reported yesterday.
Then, suddenly the convict saw a small iron rod nearby, picked it up and  attacked the man he had come to wish a happy journey, on his neck and head.
The victim fell on the ground in the room outside the kitchen. It seemed that during their heated exchange they had walked out of the cooking area.
The victim slumped but that didn’t stop the attacker.  He went into the kitchen, grabbed a knife and began stabbing him in the chest.
In a state of utter shock, the victim started pleading for mercy and asked why he was trying to kill him. “Please leave me alone. I must travel home tomorrow,” he said.
After the man died, the convict dragged his body into the kitchen, poured cooking oil and placed scrap newspapers over it and set it ablaze. 
The convict left but while he was on his way out, a neighbour of the victim who knew him saw him.
The convict apparently poured oil over the body and set it ablaze to hide his crime and hoodwink law-enforcement agencies by making them believe that it was an accident, the daily said.

However, so much blood had oozed out from stab wounds on the victim’s body that it began flowing out of the flat.
However, what alarmed people in the building was the smell of smoke coming from the flat. Suspecting a fire, they called in firefighters.
Police were later informed of the crime and the convict was caught, based on details provided by neighbours. 
The convict was an electrician by occupation, the daily said. The incident took place in mid-March last year.