Minimum wage for Indonesian maids raised

June 05, 2014 - 6:35:41 am

DOHA: Indonesia has increased the minimum monthly wage for their women to work here as maids to QR1,200 ($332) for inexperienced hands and QR1,500 ($412) for those experienced.

The Indonesian government has, though, imposed a temporary ban on the export of maids here, as also to the neighbouring UAE, due to what it says are problems related to working conditions.

An official from the Indonesian embassy told this newspaper yesterday that the above ban was imposed last April. The embassy, however, stopped endorsing job requests for Indonesian maids in November 2013 itself.

Novi Faitmawti, second secretary at the mission, said that the other condition for Indonesian maids to work here is that they be given a day off in the week. She insisted that unless the above conditions are met, the temporary ban was unlikely to be lifted. 

the peninsula

Truce in Yemen  after fresh strikes

SANA’A: A ceasefire between Shia rebels and government forces went into effect yesterday, the Yemeni Defence Ministry said, after fresh fighting and air strikes killed a total of 19 people from both sides.

Nearly 140 people have died in three days of fighting near the town of Omran. Reuters