Dolphin Energy to focus on environment, economy, society

June 03, 2014 - 1:09:57 am

Doha: Dolphin Energy Ltd yesterday released details of its fifth sustainability report, ‘Powered by Performance’, highlighting the company’s commitment to the economy, the environment and society. 

Once again, the report has been classified ‘A/GRI Checked’ by the Global Reporting Initiative, indicating high levels of transparency and disclosure, the fifth year running that the report has been graded in this manner, the company has said in a statement.

Commenting on the company’s performance, Dolphin Energy’s CEO, Ibrahim Ahmed Al Ansaari, said: “Last year emphasised the role we played in meeting the requirements of our customers, it highlighted our continued commitment to environmental stewardship and illustrated our commitment to fulfilling a responsibility to supporting the communities in which we operate.”

Notable achievements for the year saw positive developments in the company’s economic, environmental and societal performance. This included the successful negotiation of a gas agreement to help meet customer requirements over the summer months, secured zero interruption in supply to customers and recorded 99.997 percent plant availability. 

Environmental commitments saw the company register a 20 percent reduction in flaring, a 4 per cent reduction in total GHG emissions, a 51 percent reduction in SO2 emissions and a 12 percent  reduction in water consumption.

Community investment contributions crossed the $4m mark in 2013 and included the inaugural Dolphin Energy Doha Dash. In addition, the company registered 52 percent emiratisation and 29 percent Qatarisation levels.

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