Partitioned house raided in South Madinat Khalifa

 01 Jun 2014 - 3:18


DOHA:  In a major crackdown, the authorities recently zeroed in on a partitioned house in South Madinat Khalifa that was used for accommodating large number of labourers and single workers.
The house was originally hired by a restaurant owner for accommodating his employees but it turned out that the facility was being rented out to workers from other companies as well.
Representatives from the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning, Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs took part in the raid that came in response to repeated complaints from the residents of the area, Al Sharq reported.
Mohammed Shaheen Al Ateeq, a member of the Central Municipal Council (CMC) representing the area, also accompanied the team.
The raid was part of an ongoing campaign to implement the law banning labour accommodations in residential areas.
The house, which has the capacity of a maximum nine people was being used to accommodate about 45 workers, the daily said quoting Al Ateeq. Six types of violations were detected at the facility, he added. 
The house which originally had three or four small rooms were divided into more rooms having wooden walls which also involves a clear violation of the law that bans partitioning houses illegally.
The inspection team also checked two other houses in the area that were being used as labour accommodations to make sure whether they had complied with warnings issued by the authorities earlier.
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