Katara scholarships for Qatar University students

May 31, 2014 - 5:58:37 am
QU President, Dr Sheikha bint Abdullah Al Misnad (right), presenting a memento to Katara General Manager, Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti, after the signing of the agreement.

DOHA: Katara and Qatar University (QU) have signed an agreement to strengthen relations and develop cooperation in the field of training, research and scholarship. 

Through the deal, Katara is seeking to encourage QU students, particularly those pursuing arts and sciences in areas related to Katara’s activities, to join Katara after graduation and use their educational experiences and efficiency to support its activities.

According to the deal, Katara will provide students with scholarships in areas of culture, heritage and identity and criteria for scholarships will be set by a joint committee.

Katara General Manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti said Katara’s aim is to enrich the local society with cultural and innovational activities to make it one of the world’s gathering points with the aim of maintaining Qatari heritage and national identity. 

He stressed QU’s role in building society by training and educating nationals. Katara and QU have a common understanding in the areas of culture, heritage and identity, he said. “The agreement is a proof of that common understanding we have and it will enhance academic cooperation, research and training of students at QU and employees of Katara,” he added.

QU President Dr Sheikha bint Abdullah Al Misnad expressed pleasure over QU being one of the platforms for Qatari cultural and heritage.  Cooperation is already there but the agreement will strengthen it in training and education because Katara is playing an important role with its cultural activities in Qatar and has become one of the information sources with regard to organising events and activities, she said.

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