Motorists warned over needless honking

 31 May 2014 - 5:40


DOHA: The Ministry of Interior has warned motorists against honking unnecessarily in front of neighbourhood stores and in traffic snarls as a means of communication or to express their anger at other motorists. 
A car horn is for use in an emergency to avoid an accident, the Ministry said on its Facebook account in Urdu. Traffic jams won’t disappear magically if you honk the horn of your car, said the Ministry. “It is not a means of communicating with others or expressing your anger at other motorists,” the Ministry said of the horn. The horn should be used rarely. One shouldn’t use it in front of a ‘baqala’. The Ministry said there was a law (No. 19 of 2007) regulating the use of car horns, and asked people to send their suggestions.