Kwik Kopy launches online printing service

 30 May 2014 - 3:06

Doha: Kwik Kopy has launched online printing service through the company’s website as well as launching Kwik Kopy’s mobile application that is compatible with the entire mobile and tablet operating systems.
This facility is now available for the Qatar University students and soon will be available for all the residents in Qatar.
Islam Mahmoud, Kwik Kopy’s executive manager said: “This step was implemented upon studies and analytics regarding the student social environment’s needs within Qatar University for the past two months. This system will allow the students to upload their files through their personal laptops, tablets or mobiles. In addition, for the first time this will allow the students to choose the colour of their printings as well as paper type. Most importantly, the user can choose the branch to receive his printings himself, on the same application whether it is inside on Kwik Kopy’s four branches inside Qatar University. Alternatively, even if it is at the main office itself that is located at Al Sadd, since each student will be notified with an SMS that says that his/her printings are now ready to be collected”.
The student will find more spots to fetch his printings all over Doha by the next semester and the branches inside Qatar University will not be tying him to only receive his printings from there.
For the first time, an online delivery service will be added for the card holders as they can choose whether to get their printings delivered or not through the online form. One of Kwik Kopy’s delegates will be responsible to deliver the printing orders, which will save lots of time and efforts resulting from the continuous traffic in the streets of Doha.
This new system is prepaid, which allows the user to have a password that will also be activated through the mobile applications and not only the website. This service allow the cardholder to print from anywhere and at any time.
It is also possible to recharge the “KKID” online with different rates and packages by purchasing recharge cards. In addition, the cardholder can refund his credit or transfer it to another cardholder anytime he likes. The pricing of printing for the card holders are very distinctive and significantly lower than the normal price applicable especially with regard to colour printing.
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