29 died in road mishaps last month

 28 May 2014 - 3:14


DOHA: Some 29 people died in road accidents last month, up from barely 13 in the previous month of March, official figures show.
Most deaths (9) occurred in the north of the country, followed by the Industrial Area (6), Madinat Khalifa (4) and in the south of the country (also 4).
According to figures released by the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics for April 2014, two deaths were caused in Al Rayyan and Al Mamoura each.
A total of 161,000 traffic violations were detected in the month, and of these, more than 2,000 related to jumping the red light.
Most others were radar-related violations, with their number being an incredible 77,000.
More traffic violations were recorded in March, though, with the total being 164,000. Of these, radar-related offences were 88,000.
Contrary to general belief that not many driving licenses are being issued due to increasing restrictions, some 9,562 people were issued licenses last month.
Of these, a vast majority (6,825) were the licenses issued for light vehicles, 1,907 for heavy, 125 for motorcycles and 705 for earth-moving and other equipment.
Almost an equal number of new vehicles were registered in April, the total being 9,131. Of these, 166 were motorcycles, two taxis, 237 were trailers and as many as 459 heavy equipment.
In March, too, almost a similar number (9,427) of new driver’s licenses was issued. Only seven percent of the licensees were Qatari.
The country’s population by April-end was 2.15 million (2,155,446) as against 2,144,101 in March, up 0.5 percent. Only a quarter of the population comprised women.
Of the total population, 1,589,050 were economically active people (1,584,815 of them employed), the Ministry figures show. Some 231,885 people were economically inactive, including housewives and school students. The ministry has from this year begun issuing monthly statistics.
The month (of April) recorded 319 marriages and 97 divorces, a high percentage.
Births totalled 1,624 and of them, 823 were male. Nearly a quarter of the births (433) were recorded in the Qatari community.
Prices showed a disturbing trend in the month as (purchased) transport services became 2.5 percent more expensive in just a month—from March to April.
Entertainment became equally expensive as its cost rose 1.9 percent in barely a month. The prices of furniture and textiles rose 1.6 percent over March.
Household expenses overall rose 0.3 percent in the month, adding up to an annual inflation rate of 3.6 percent. 
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