Shops booked for selling ‘fake’ mobile phones

 28 May 2014 - 3:08


DOHA: The Consumer Protection Department at the Ministry of Economy and Commerce has booked several shops for selling mobile phones with misleading information about the country of manufacturing.
The mobile handsets belonging to a reputed brand were being sold with claims that they were manufactured in Finland, despite the fact that the country has stopped producing it, the Department said in statement yesterday. The handsets were in fact made in China.
The Department launched inspections after it received complaints from the public about the cheating. The authorised dealers of the mobile phone brand also took part in the raids. 
During the campaign that lasted one week, the Department inspected 60 shops and 15 of them were found violating the law. 
A significant quantity of mobile phones with altered manufacturing details were seized during the campaign. 
Apparently new stickers were put on the handsets showing that they were made in Finland, instead of China. This involves commercial fraud and violation of the law since the product specifications and country of manufacturing are important factors in deciding the price, said the Department.
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