Lulu Mega Draw

May 27, 2014 - 5:51:49 am

Lulu Hypermarket Operations Manager Shanavas, D-Ring Road Branch General Manager MHZ Abideen, Gharafa Branch General Manager Basheer, and Khaled Rashid Al Merri, an official from the Ministry of Economy and Trade, pose after the first Mega Draw of Lulu Mercedes Benz car promotion. The winners, Namira Shahid (Coupon No. 1930811); Jithin Antony (Coupon No. 1828244); and Beegom Fathima (Coupon No. 1236810) will each get a 2014 model E 200 car. Al Merri supervised the draw yesterday at the D-Ring Road branch of Lulu. The second Mega Draw will take place at 7pm at the Al Gharafa branch today. Salim Matramkot