GU-Q to host new graduate-level programme

 26 May 2014 - 5:20

Participants in the programme.

DOHA: Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) is hosting a graduate-level programme, ‘New Communication Technologies in the Arab World: Perspectives from the Gulf.’
The initiative is an intensive three-week study tour that brings a group of master’s students from Georgetown’s Washington, DC, campus to Georgetown’s campus in Education City to study media and technology.
It helps students reflect on the relationship between evolving information and communication technologies and transformative processes of globalisation. The highly interdisciplinary and interactive curriculum emphasises experiential learning through educational partnerships. The programme features guest speakers, experts and practitioners from Al Jazeera, Qatar Museum Authority, Qatar University, Northwestern University in Qatar, Qatar Computing Research Institute and GU-Q’s Center for International and Regional Studies.
GU-Q Professor Mohamed Zayani, a media scholar and programme co-director, said: “Increasingly, there is a desire to learn not only about the region, but also from the region. Doha is home to Al Jazeera Network, which has become a global media player. The network provides a rich case study for those interested in studying media flows from the global South.”
Zayani said the programme offers an alternative educational experience and curricula. “We look at this as a high impact educational programme that enriches students’ experience and offers them a comparative perspective from which they can critically reflect on the evolving global media scene.”
The programme coincides with Al Jazeera Forum, which gives students the opportunity to participate in the annual internationally-acclaimed convening of leading thinkers and strategists. This involves students attending the forum’s panels, and interviewing and networking with journalists, editors and media professionals from around the world. 
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