International Nurses Day celebrated

 23 May 2014 - 5:01


DOHA: People celebrated International Nurses Day with the faculty and students of the University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ), to learn more about nursing education, and to get the knowledge and expertise of faculty and students at UCQ to gain an understanding of some of their own health issues.
The event not only provided an opportunity for people to check their blood pressure and blood sugar levels, but to receive information about healthy eating and living.
UCQ faculty and students worked tirelessly throughout the international Nurses Day Weekend. Many people just wanted confirmation that their heart rate and blood pressure were fine. Many others suspected they were not as healthy as they hoped, and welcomed the advice to start taking action.
“We are extremely proud of the knowledge and dedication of our volunteers,” said Mrs. Iman Galal, UCQ Manager Marketing and Events and organizer of the event. “It’s a sign of true leadership students, their nursing educators, and Kim Critchley, our Dean and CEO at UCQ offering their time for such an important community event.”
“Nursing has advanced from the role of a handmaiden to the profession it is today, with nurses working in schools, at the bedside, in the community, as researchers, and as leaders in the healthcare community,” said Dr. Critchley.