More plots in Industrial Area for firms

 21 May 2014 - 2:23


DOHA: To help meet the shortage of labour camps and warehousing facilities in the country amid an ongoing economic boom, the government has allotted hundreds of plots of land in industrial areas for these purposes on a priority basis.
More plots are being readied for allotment for the above use in the near future. Some 109 plots of land, each admeasuring 5,000 square metres, have been allotted to applicants in the New Industrial Area (in Aba Salil).
In this Industrial Area, 30 plots (each admeasuring 1,000 to 5,000 sq metres) have been allotted for cement block making factories, and 15 percent of the area of these plots is reserved for labour camps.
At least 114 plots have been given away in Al Khor in the north for companies to build labour camps. 
This apart, some 104 plots in Umm Salal and 35 (each admeasuring 1,000 to 5,000 sq metres) have been given away to private parties in Al Shamal for cement block manufacturing and 15 percent of the area of each of these plots will be used to build labour camps.
Qatar News Agency (QNA) reported yesterday that in the Industrial Area of Birkatul Awamir, some 900 plots have been allotted for car dealers, transport companies, construction material companies and furniture makers.
The Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning was quoted by QNA as saying that a total of 1,408 plots have been allotted for the various purposes described above. The Ministry said that it has plans to allot more plots in the days to come in different industrial areas for the above activities.
“Plans are afoot to make allotment of a total of 1,220 plots in the near future,” said QNA quoting the civic ministry. At least 900 of these plots in Birkatul Awamir will be for building warehouses, while 30 will be allotted in Aba Salil Industrial Area for food storage.
In this very Industrial Area, 190 plots will be allotted for automobile garages, said the news agency.
There are a lot of applications for allotment of the above plots and studies are being conducted to finalise the allotment process.
There are directives from the Minister of Municipality and Urban Planning to provide logistics for sustainable development and encourage industrial development, said QNA. Allotments will be made in a transparent and fair way to those who meet the terms and conditions.
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