Al Mazrouh markets close tomorrow

May 16, 2014 - 4:45:22 am

DOHA: The vegetable and fruits market of Al Mazrouh Yard in  Umm Salal and Al Khor-Al Zakhira close tomorrow as the season has ended, the Ministry of Environment has announced.

The markets will reopen in the next season in December.

“A third market for fresh vegetables in Al Wakra will also be opened by the year-end,” said Mohammad Saed Al Mohannadi, Head, General Department of Agricultural Research and Development at the ministry.

“Work is on to build more markets for local products, including vegetables,  after successful experiences of Al Mazrouh Yard and Al Khor-Al Zakhira markets,” he added. Both markets have sold one-third of produce from 42 farms on three days a week  — Thursday to Saturday.

They sold 321,000 boxes (1,993 tonnes) of fresh vegetables, compared to 135,000 boxes (837 tonnes) of same products last season, up 137 percent.

In addition, 974 tonnes of fresh fruits, 33 tonnes of fish, 590 sheep, goats, cows and camels and 4,000 chickens were also sold.    Al Mazrouh Yard had been extended for eight weeks this season lasting six months, said Al Mohannadi. However, Al Khor- Al Zakhira market remained opened for 19 weeks.

With the opening of Al Wakra market in December, sales will increase remarkably, he added. 

The markets attracted a large number of customers, as fresh vegetables were available at reasonable prices, Qatar News Agency reported.

The 42 farms donated more than 7,000 tonnes of fresh vegetables to Surplus Foods Saving Arm of Qatar Charity for poor families. The Nasco outlet also donated fresh fruits.

More than 500 needy families are expected to benefit from donated products.

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