Seha: SCH and LSE launch health economics training

 11 May 2014 - 6:25

Officials during the course in health economics.

DOHA:  The Supreme Council of Health (SCH) and the London School of Economics (LSE) jointly launched this week a training programme in health economics to familiarise health professionals in Qatar with the national health insurance scheme (Seha).
The programme is the first of series of intensive training courses for health professionals aimed to upgrade their knowledge and skills.
The courses includes specialised modules tailored for health executives and other senior professionals in health sector and will continue for ten months starting from this month.
The modules include health economics, cost effectiveness analysis in healthcare, health financing and insurance, pharmaceutical economics and policy, health system performance and healthcare quality management.
The first of the series commenced with the Health Economics module, led by Professor Alistair McGuire a renowned health economist from LSE.
“These activities are part of the reform process that the health sector is undergoing and chartered by the National Health Strategy 2011-2016, with the aim of building regulatory capacity and increased education and awareness of stakeholders. We are very pleased with amount of interest this programme has witnessed among stakeholders,” explained Dr Faleh Mohamed Hussain Ali, Assistant Secretary General for Policy at SCH.
The programme of courses was established through the joint initiative of Health Financing and Insurance Department and Training and Development Department of the SCH in collaboration with LSE.
“The first module provided basic economic concepts and their application to health sector, explaining how health care markets and insurance markets work and how they can fail. Economics of provider payment systems and different models countries apply were also taught during this module.
“We are pleased to see that the participating providers in this module could apply these concepts in practice as part of the recent launch of the National Health Insurance Scheme and the reformed reimbursement model introduced in Qatar,” said Husein Reka from the Health Financing and Insurance Department at SCH.
The programme will continue with the next module planned to begin on May 18  covering topics in Resource Allocation and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis.
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