Al Bairaq holds workshop for high school students

 11 May 2014 - 6:22

Officials of Al Bairaq (from left), Engineer Amira Nasr, Engineer Fatima Nabhan, Engineer Dana Barkil and Administrative Assistant Rasha Noureldin at a press briefing at Qatar University. (Salim Matramkot)

DOHA: ‘Al Bairaq World programme’ aimed to make science and engineering more accessible and enjoyable to students held a workshop for high school students recently.
Centre of Advanced Materials (CAM) at the Qatar University held a workshop to increase students’ interest in science and research by developing their scientific knowledge and critical thinking, and exposing them to scientific research, innovation, and discovery.
“I Am A Researcher” is a two-week, intensive course in which students learn how to formulate their own research questions, build a research plan and develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
“The workshop is held for a week and then we follow up with students for three months. During the workshop students are taught and motivated to research and make a product with materials like concrete and plywood,” said Engineer Fatima Nabhan from CAM at the Qatar University.
“We motivate students to come up with a product which can help the society like saving the environment. A simple product should be made in a creative way,” she added.
Students also develop key skills of teamwork, negotiation, communication and presentation. Other activities include the use of scientific photography, documentary film making, and presentations on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media.
“Students from different schools work in group and they compete with each other. They have to do a poster presentation about the product idea and engage in social media. Two competitions are held on social media.  The most popular group and most interactive group will be selected, the group which has most number of twits and the group that have highest number of followers wile b chosen in this competition,” said  Nabhan.
Giving a new face to research and science education, Al Bairaq World programme has also introduced a photography competition.  “To combine art and science creative photos taken during the research hwork will be uploaded on Instagram,” said Nabhan.
‘Al Bairaq World’ is the only programme of its kind in the GCC and Middle East region, the high school programme has been in operation since September 2010.
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