Doha Municipality recalls 950kg of contaminated mushrooms

 09 May 2014 - 3:03

DOHA: Doha Municipality has recalled 950kg of imported mushrooms from the market after they were found contaminated by a poisonous bacteria, a local Arabic daily reported yesterday.
The contamination was detected in laboratory tests before the product was offered for sale. Tests were conducted in collaboration with the departments concerned at the Ministry of Environment.
The mushrooms were imported by two companies — 800kg and 150kg each. They came from Holland but were produced in South Korea, said the daily.
Authorities took samples for tests because a certificate attached with the consignments by Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RAFF) of the European Union had cautioned about the possibility of a contamination by the time they reach Doha. The tests confirmed the contamination.
The two companies are leading importers of mushrooms and other products and it is the first time contaminated mushrooms are found in their consignments, said the daily.
There is no punishment against the companies because they imported the product without knowing that they were contaminated, said the daily.
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