Rise in diesel prices hits farms, animal breeders

 09 May 2014 - 2:52


DOHA: Farm houses and animal breeders dependent on water tankers are bearing the brunt of a sudden hike in diesel prices as they are paying more for water.
According to a member of Central Municipal Council (CMC) from Al Shahaniya, Mohamed Zafeer Al Hajri, water tanker owners have raised their rates due to a recent increase in diesel prices.
Mohamed Al Shahwani, another CMC member, said those who live outside Doha are upset over the fuel price hike since their transport expenses have gone up.
He said: “We need to visit the Industrial Area to buy construction materials almost daily and now our transport expenses have gone up.”
He said Woqod (Qatar Fuel) should not have raised diesel prices without conducting proper studies. 
“People are already suffering from higher rate of inflation. The recent hike in diesel prices has aggravated the general price rise situation.”
Yet another CMC member, Hamad Lahdan Al Mohannadi, said the sudden rise in diesel prices was likely to have a cascading effect on the prices of several basic commodities and services.
Woqod has not specified any reason for the price hike, Al Mohannadi said and urged the Ministry of Economy and Commerce to prevail on the company (Woqod) and ask it to review the price hike.
The CMC member told local Arabic daily Al Raya in comments published yesterday that construction companies that signed building contracts earlier would raise their quoted prices for projects and the end sufferer would be the common man.
Businessman Ahmed Al Khalaf described the sudden rise in diesel prices as too much and said most companies will be adversely affected.
CMC member from Umm Salal, Ahmed Al Sheeb, told the Arabic daily that in his area food had already become costlier due to the increase in diesel prices.
“People are being charged more for fruits and vegetables, for example,” he said. 
And water tankers are charging more from users and they include people and farm owners, said Al Sheeb. “People are suffering due to the hike in diesel prices.” The Peninsula